Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feeling like nothing works

So I am in a bit of a funk. I feel so lost with regard to my efforts to lose 20 lbs. I am working out like crazy and though there are times when I over do it with my nutrition for the most part I'm eating well and yet my scale does not move and in fact sometimes goes up. I had a DR appt and my thyroid is once again acting up but with my current meds it is in the high normal range. I feel like she should give me some more synthroid to bring it to the middle. I'm sure this is the reason for my fatigue and weight gain. Blah. She is having me come back for more blood test and a recheck in a month or so and if it is still high or higher then she will do something. In the meantime I have a nutrition consult on July 11. Maybe I can get some guidance there. I hate being this much above where I like to weigh. I dont like the way I look nor do I like the way I feel about the increase in my weight.

This weekend we are having a barbecue with many of the neighbors. I'm doing some fish and brats and then making a lightened version of potato salad and a lower fat dessert as well. All the neighbors are bringing food for the grill and a side so we ought to have plenty. Afterwards, about 7:30 we will head to York Field for the 4th Fireworks. I'm hoping to maybe go to Calloway on Sunday because they have some fun stuff planned. Also we can rent bikes or go on a hike out there. I think it would be nice.  Monday is Thunder on the Hootch downtown so if we want to go somewhere on the actual 4th we can go see what that is all about. Its the last weekend before Paul heads back to Knox for a week so I'd like to spend it doing something fun. The week he is gone though I'm going to clean this house like its been infected with a plague as well as wash and detail my car. My car is gross! I plan on being busy so I shouldn't miss him too much and honestly I can sleep in the bed without him waking me with snoring or even worse, gas! LOL

Will check in again later. I've got to figure out dinner. Thinking sausage and pepper pot with mashed cauliflower....

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