Monday, July 4, 2011

Rain, car cleaning and counting calories

seriously folks these are a few of my pet peeves and today I'm getting no rest from any of them. It is pouring outside and looks to stay this way all day. I know we can use the rain and I really have nothing to do but still... I saw on the radar we are in for more of the same weather over the next several days. I've been cleaning my car because I've hinted enough at Paul to do it. He hasn't taken the bait so I was out in the garage this morning getting rid of trash, cleaning inside windows and dusting. I need to vacuum but I have to take it to the car wash for that and with the rain I'm not doing it today. Washing the outside is also a no go until the weather is better. At least the junk is out of it and I should be able to see through the windows now. They were so nasty. I think it had been four months since the windows were cleaned in it. Shameful:( As for counting calories, it sucks but I am doing it. I lose weight when I do and I really need to lose 20 pounds. I feel so fat and if I don't, come winter nothing in my winter wardrobe will fit my fat ass. I took a weight loss calculator and determined that I would like to lose 1.5 pounds per week. I need to exercise 5x a week and burn at least 377 calories each time, eat no more than 1200 calories to do this. Of course if I burn more calories I can eat them if I choose to. It is going to force me to make much better food choices. I lost a lot of weight when I combined calorie/points with WW. Its worth it to do it again.

Paul has staff duty tomorrow night. Then he leaves again for KY on Friday for a week. I'm ok with it but it aggravates me that I feel like these travel dates are just sprung on us. I hate that I have plans that seem solid and then boom, they aren't. Frustrating.

Well I'm going to end this for now but since it is our nations birthday, Happy 4th of July. Please remember that our freedoms come with a cost to service members and their families every day. Thank them if you can for their diligence in helping to preserve our way of life.


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