Saturday, July 9, 2011

week summary

So lets cap off the week shall we?

Well on Monday I began counting calories and you know it hasn't been too bad. I'm actually enjoying seeing myself log on to myfitnesspal and get to my calorie goal and exercise goal. I also have a really good feeling about my weigh in on Monday. I need the boost of a good weigh in.

I set a calorie burning goal of 2400 for the week and today I surpassed that. I went over 2700 with the run I did this morning. I was pretty happy. I may or may not take a rest day tomorrow. I've got to mow the lawn so perhaps I will just rest... Back to the exercise grind on Monday though.

Paul left for his TDY yesterday. I miss him already. I get used to him being here and when  he isnt I really do miss him. He annoys the piss out of me at times but hey isn't that what marriage is about at times? We have been together twenty years so I'm sure that I annoy him as well. Hell, I know I do.

I chatted with my Michael this morning online. He is struggling a bit with the things he sees while at war. He told me he is tired of seeing dead people. My heart breaks for him. I wish so badly I could take those horrific images away from his young mind. I just pray that he can get past it when he comes home. He is also still so sad over things with Heather. I could just strangle her. She makes me so mad and I swear that once we have all of his things from her she is going to know just what I think of her.

Today I'm going to go get my toes done and mosey around the mall I think. Other than that nothing much planned. Its a lazy day. My pal Erika is out of town for a week at the beach:( Lucky girl~! Carrie comes home tonight which is great because I've missed her and also because Loris cat is driving me crazy. The damn thing keeps biting me whenever I go over to take care of it. Carrie can help me with it. I don't know why but I just keep thinking , Carrie the cat whisperer!

Chow for now.

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